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Lockable Steel-Reinforced Tie-down Straps are designed for when extra security is needed. The buckle can only be opened using a key while hard-wearing webbing hides three stainless steel cables that are impossible to cut with a knife.

Each buckle has a soft rubber cover to avoid scratching the vehicle or the board. When not in use, straps can be neatly coiled and secured with a velcro strap.

Each strap is 24-mm wide. Tie-down straps are available in pairs.


Heavy Duty webbing reinforced with 3 stainless steel cables

Strap length of 5.0 meters

Soft rubber cover to protect the gear against the metal buckle

Velcro strap for neat storage

Unifiber Lockable Steel Reinforced Tie Down Straps 5m x 24mm (Set)

SKU: UF053000010
80,00 €Price