Ref. 106696

The Magic Carpet foil is a full carbon Windfoil designed to fly as early and as quickly as possible and for a good stability while flying. A short mast and a large surface area on the front wing, the board pops up and flies both quickly and stably.

The foil’s name was not chosen by accident, as the flying is so easy and stable it is like sitting on a Magic Carpet!

- Full carbon construction: longevity, performance and durability.- Fused mast & foil: maximum simplicity, fewer screws.- Large front stabilizer 1300 cm2: helps the foil fly as early as quickly as possible, with good stability.- Short mast length: makes it easy to use and fly, with maximum safety and comfort.- Made in France.

Techno Windfoil - Magic Carpet - Deep Tuttle

€1,350.00 Regular Price
€1,080.00Sale Price
  • Mast height: 60 cm
    Fuselage length: 74.5 mm
    Front wing surface: 1300 cm2, area: 810 cm2
    Rear wing surface: 420cm2, area: 255 cm2
    Weight : 3.0kg
    Fin Box : Deep Tuttle