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We’ve got a brand new aluminium/G10/carbon composite foil that has been produced by our supplier Zeeko, a French company specialising in foils.
To be certain of our foil choice we asked some of the top Techno 293OD clubs and their racers to test the board/foil combination to its limits. The foil we selected was chosen for its performance at different speeds, its stability, its build-quality, and its ability to stand up to intensive use in sailing clubs.
The mast and fuselage are made from Aluminium for high resistance and great value for money.
The G10 front wing gives a great combination of strength and performance. This component gets a
lot of knocks and its flat profile helps it stay in good condition even when stood on a rough slipway or jetty and makes it easy to repair.
The rear stabiliser is made of carbon and is raised up from the fuselage, making it less susceptible to damage.

Tahe Windfoil Techno Wind Foil Class Foil - Deep Tuttle

€1,499.00 Regular Price
€980.00Sale Price
  • Mast height: 900 mm
    Fuselage length: 910 mm
    Front wing length: 760 mm, area: 850 cm2
    Rear wing length: 450 mm, area: 260 cm2
    Weight : 7.0 kg
    Fin Box plug: Deep Tuttle