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Designed to fit into a plastic moulding to combine the strength of alloy teeth with the lower cost of a moulded component. It can be pressed in when the moulding is hot or insert moulded. Ideal for windsurf booms & downhauls.

Taquet Clamcleat® CL712 Small Alloy Insert Cleat

SKU: CL712
  • Technical Details   Metric Imperial
    Rope Diameter   3 - 5mm 1/8 - 3/16"
    Material   Aluminium Aluminium
    Hole Centres   n/a n/a
    Length   28mm 1 1/8"
    Width   11mm 7/16"
    Height   17mm 11/16"
    Bolt Size   n/a n/a
    Screw Size   n/a n/a
    Weight   7gms 0.2oz