7'0 Duratec egg NEW 2021 MODEL


The brand new EGG 7’0 is an uncompromisingly modern shape, featuring seriously wide nose and tail sections, plus a squeaky-tight rocker profile, to give an excellent paddle take-off, exceptional planing, and even better manoeuvrability. It’s the perfect board for 50 - 70kg surfers wanting to learn and progress easily, with lots of big surf sensations right from the start. But the EGG 7 is also a great choice for more experienced surfers looking to ride all kinds of waves, with total confidence in BIC’s DURA-TEC construction. Available in the original Tri-fin «Thruster» config, it can also be switched to Quad-fin set-up for those who prefer that kind of surf style. A genuine all-terrain wave board !


When you learn to surf, there are three key elements that help you enjoy the experience of those first waves:

  • A shape well-adapted to beginners and easy progression
  • A strong, hard-wearing board that won't be easily damaged
  • A quality board at a reasonable price

Tahe Surf Board Dura-Tec 7'0'' Egg

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