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It only makes sense we develop suits for on water play to compliment both our apparel line and hardware goods. Now we've got Mistral fans covered for so that they can slip on a Mistral wetsuit to compliment their activities. Featuring multiple panelling for maximum ergonomics conforming to body movements and areas requiring full flexibility; key areas being shoulders, upper side and arm panels, knees, lower leg and calf panels and front thoracic, hip and thigh regions. 


Each panel is Glued then Blind Stitched (GBS) a process whereby panels are cut, glued, then stitched in such a way so as the needle does not fully penetrate through the neoprene. This method therefore avoids multiple perforations which would cause water to seep through to the body, particularly important for a winter / autumn suit. Thinner neoprene is used on the arms shoulders and batwing side panels to maximise shoulder and arm rotation, while the balance of the suit features a 1mm thicker layer to the core areas of the body and legs. Chest and rear kidney area benefit from smooth skin neoprene, permitting water run-off and quick dry to reduce 'radiator affect' when above water in fresh winds. Perfect for Wing Boarding, Wind Surfing, SUP Surf and many other activities.


Knee area features added padding and protection. Entry and exit are via front, waterproof zipper using a zipper line. Front zipper permits high levels of suit flexibility preferred in high movement sports. Limits water intake and provides greater all-around comfort. The use of neoprene for the neck lining maximises comfort and chaffing, the ankle and wrist gussets feature slip grip tape to prevent roll-up.

Mistral Storm Force Men Wetsuit Full Suit 4/3mm

240,00 € Regular Price
156,00 €Sale Price
Color: Black