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LofstSails TE SDM 100%

Loftsails materials are created for high performance on the water. Loftsails combines its quality and passion in all its products. The loftsail masts are of high quality and deliver top performance in all kinds of circumstances. Loftsails supplies the masts in various sizes, diameters and carbon percentages. During the search for the right mast it is important to look at the sail you are sailing with. The curve and size are especially important to look at. Loftsails makes its masts explicit for constant curve sailing. 


SDM masts are often used in freeride, freerace and slalom sailing. We recommend RDM masts for freestyle and wave windsurfers. The Loftsails TE SDM 100 is a sturdy mast with an extremely good performance. Ideal for the Slalomer windsurfers among us!



Constant Curve

Our highest specification RDM mast

Each mast produced is being checked and controlled

Loftsails Team Edition Carbon 100% Silver SDM Windsurf Mast

SKU: LS010020440
€580.00 Regular Price
€288.00Sale Price