Techno Wind Foil 130 - Windsurf News

Today, foils are revolutionising board sailing, and World Sailing’s decision to select a windsurf foil board for the 2024 Olympic Games is further proof of the mutation/evolution of our sport. All the same, World Sailing is committed to maintaining conventional board sailing, retaining the Techno 293 OD as the foundation board of One Design competition, that invaluable stepping-stone between junior racing and top-level competition. Tahe Outdoors is 100% committed to supporting the Techno 293 OD class. To smooth the pathway between the classic OD board and the new Olympic class, Tahe Outdoors has created the Techno 130 Windfoil, an integrated all-in-one package comprising board, foil and sail rig that combines strength, accessibility and performance. It will enable sailing clubs to invest in long-lasting equipment to prepare their young sailors for foil board racing and the ultimate goal of Olympic level competition. Like the Techno 293 OD, it will slow down the “arms” race for equipment that we’re already seeing on the junior foil race scene, also filling a gap in the market for sailing clubs equipping themselves for their U15 and U17 youngsters. A season-long programme of regattas is already planned for 2020 as a springboard to World Sailing recognition for the Techno Windfoil 130 as THE One Design foil board for junior racing.

Making the link between Techno 293 OD and the Olympic iQFoil