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Today, foils are revolutionising board sailing, and World Sailing’s decision to select a windsurf foil board for the 2024 Olympic Games is further proof of the mutation/evolution of our sport. All the same, World Sailing is committed to maintaining conventional board sailing, retaining the Techno 293 OD as the foundation board of One Design competition, that invaluable stepping-stone between junior racing and top-level competition. Tahe Outdoors is 100% committed to supporting the Techno 293 OD class. To smooth the pathway between the classic OD board and the new Olympic class, Tahe Outdoors has created the Techno 130 Windfoil, an integrated all-in-one package comprising board, foil and sail rig that combines strength, accessibility and performance. It will enable sailing clubs to invest in long-lasting equipment to prepare their young sailors for foil board racing and the ultimate goal of Olympic level competition. Like the Techno 293 OD, it will slow down the “arms” race for equipment that we’re already seeing on the junior foil race scene, also filling a gap in the market for sailing clubs equipping themselves for their U15 and U17 youngsters. A season-long programme of regattas is already planned for 2020 as a springboard to World Sailing recognition for the Techno Windfoil 130 as THE One Design foil board for junior racing.

Making the link between Techno 293 OD and the Olympic iQFoil


The Techno 130 Windfoil board has been designed by Jean-Marie Guiriec, one of the best shapers currently active. It enables planing in as little as 10 knots with the foil fitted and to ride slalom in stronger winds by switching from the foil to the fin. It’s a top-performing 100% hybrid board, very accessible and a perfect fit for junior monotype racing. This versatility means coaches and trainers can choose what skills to teach and races to run, depending on the wind and water conditions.


Like the Techno 293 OD, the Techno 130 Windfoil is manufactured in our factory in Brittanny, France, using our unique production processes to deliver a board that is light weight, solid and durable. The aluminium mould in which they’re made and the finishing processes ensure the following : • Consistent shape and weight, indispensable for a “One-Design” series • The glass/carbon reinforced thermoformed technology has a knocks and shocks resistance superior to other materials. This ensures unrivalled longevity. This solid strength is a determining factor for clubs and schools investing in new equipment that will be used intensively. • An affordable price tag, which applies not only to the board itself but also all the individual spare parts and components. This lowers the financial entry-level compared to other manufacturing methods. A key factor for clubs and families. The board and foil combined will cost less than 2500 Euros, with the complete board, foil and rig package coming in at under 4000 Euros including VAT.

December offer at our website:


Tahe Outdoors manufactures in France, close to some of the country’s biggest, most-frequented windsurf spots, which reduces transport needs and CO2 emissions. • Tahe Outdoors has always insisted on investing in sustainable practices, with a 360 degree environmental politic : • Almost all our suppliers (moulds, accessories, fins, paint…) are located in western France.

This means we have a very low carbon footprint for our supply chain. • The polystyrene foam cores are made at our production facility. No transport required. • Tahe Outdoors makes zero greenhouse gas or pollutant emissions during the manufacture of our products. • All off-cuts from the manufacturing process are recycled or re-used.


A brand new aluminium/carbon composite foil is currently under development with our French supplier that will perfectly meet the needs of a monotype sailing and competition market. It’s very strong to give great resistance in difficult conditions (mast and fuselage in aluminium) and deliver great performance (front wing and stabiliser in carbon). It’s a perfect fit with the board and for the kind of intensive use they’ll get at the most demanding of clubs and schools.


A full series of combination slalom/foil rigs is under development for the Techno Foil 130. • There will be a range of sizes from 5 – 8 m2, with the geometry evolving with the sail sizes. • Their outline is more streamlined than the One Design sails used on the Techno 293 OD, to better satisfy the specific demands of foil riding. • These sails develop fast, early power to ensure smooth early take-off in light winds, and to assure excellent straight line speed once in flight. • They have been conceived to be compatible with the masts, wishbones and extensions of the Techno 293 OD rigs. This helps limit the investment for clubs and schools to one single set of sails for both boards.


Tahe Outdoors’ global distribution network allows us to send significant numbers of boards etc. for “charter” at major international competitions. • Making them available is indispensable for all the competitors coming by plane, meaning they can compete at their best level on brand new equipment • During Techno 293 OD major international events (World Championships, European Championships, Youth Olympics…) Tahe Outdoors has always ensured a comprehensive, professional presence, with large-scale equipment and personnel support. The same politic will also apply to Techno 130 Windfoil competitions.


For 10 to 17 year olds, the Techno 293 OD constitutes the very basis of windsurfing, a board that they can learn to compete on and then take to a very high level. For 15 to 17 years olds and onwards, there’s more and more choice of directions and styles, but two main categories :

WITH or WITHOUT foil. The WITHOUT foil category includes the Techno 293+ (the official Youth Olympic board), Raceboard, Formula Windsurfing and Funboard. The new WITH foil category, led by the Olympic iFoil, also includes Formula (Windsurfing) Foil, Funboard Foil, and now Techno 130 Windfoil One Design, that will for now be gaining visibility by running in conjunction with the established Techno 293 OD class.

INTERNATIONAL TECHNO 130 WIND FOIL CLASS DEVELOPMENT The Techno 293 OD class is now present in 40 countries, where there is a strong dealer and distributor network. Techno 130 Windfoil is going to make use of this established network during the early stages of development.

A programme of events in 2020 has already been put in place, in an effort to obtain official World Sailing recognition for the class as quickly as possible.

Competition programme 2020 13 to 19 April : Techno 293 OD European Championships in Marseille, France. This will be a first opportunity for people to test and watch demos of the first complete board/foil/rig packages, which will be made available to coaches and riders. End of July (TBC): Techno+ World Championships in Latvia. This will feature the first International Techno 130 Windfoil Challenge. Thirty boards and foils will be made available for “charter” at this event. 24 to 31 October : Techno 293 OD World Championships in Torbole/Italy. A second International Techno Foil Challenge will take place at the end of a week where over 400 young racers from 36 countries are expected to attend.

Thirty boards and foils will be available for “charter” at this event.

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