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- The company was established in 1987 by Dinos Kokkolios who was also a windsurf athlete in the 80ies. Followed by Sofie Kokkoliou in the 90ies and Georgino, Philipp and Nicolas Kokkolios in the late 90ies and early 2000s the whole family participated in countless races and events.

K Kokkolios & Co has been distributor of Neilpryde Sails for two decades since 1987 and contributed in several racing events through sponsoring and organising.


Through the years we have also been distributors and dealers of Bic Sport, Roberto Ricci Designs, Kinetic, Haleakala, Now Boards, Tiga, Nautix, Windsurfing Hawaii, F2, Hot Sails Maui, Sailboards Maui, Sunshine, MaverX, Amex, Reflex, Cabrinha, Tabou, Pat Love, Sailboards Maui, Santa Cruz, Palmer Snowboards, Flow, Icetools, Powell Peralta, Nidecker, Airwalk and many other brand names.

Currently we represent several brand names as distributors or dealers in Greece. Among them are Bic Sport, T293, Mistral, Loft Sails, Glide Windsurf, Windsurfer LT, Unifiber, Gul, Hot Tuna, Dynafiber, Ascan, Nautix, Tekknosport.

- Currently we offer wholesale prices on pre-orders.

- if you didn't find what you are looking for in our website, please contact us and we may find it for you.

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