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Set of adjustable windsurf harness lines.
This harness lines design features a heavy-duty stainless steel buckle that allows length adjustments while sailing. Lines can be shortened by pulling on a dedicated loop while pressing the stainless steel buckle will unlock the line and allow it to be extended.
A transparent tube shows the current condition of the line that can prevent unforeseen breakage.


Non-slip buckle for smooth length adjustment

The clear tube allows rope wear to be spotted in advance

For installation it is necessary to remove the boom back-end

Rinse the harness lines with fresh water after use

Extra weight of the buckle increases the line swing

Unifiber Windsurf Harness Lines Fixed Vario Stainless Steel 25-32 Inch

SKU: UF052007015
41,00 € Regular Price
36,00 €Sale Price