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Designed to lift off early in minimal breeze, the Navigator is a perfect hydrofoil for beginner and intermediate riders.

With its voluminous shape and powerful profile, the front wing is tailored toward a comfortable, safe flight at low speeds.

To give rider more control over the flight and reduce the severity of any wipe-outs, the foil is mounted on a 75 cm aluminium mast.

Carbon layup for both the front wing and tail stabilizer minimises flex and weight.

All foil components are assembled with 8 mm countersunk hex-head stainless screws that are resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.

The Navigator comes equipped with a plate mount as standard.


Front wing provides an early lift

Front wing and stabilizer carbon layup minimises weight and flex

Stainless steel 8mm countersunk hex-head screws

Supplied with a screwdriver and a padded foil bag

Unifiber Foil Navigator 1600 Foil Plate Adapter

€1,189.00 Regular Price
€1,118.00Sale Price
  • Description

    Navigator 1600 Foil Plate Adapter

    User Discipline


    Aspect Ratio


    Fin Box Type


    Operating Weight

    4.75 kg

    Foil Bag Included


    Foil Shape


    Foil Mast Length (Cm)

    75 cm

    Foil Fuselage Length (Cm)

    65 cm

    Front Wing Span (Cm)

    94 cm

    Tail Wing Span (Cm)

    48 cm

    Front Wing (Cm²)

    1600 cm2

    Back Wing (Cm²)

    310 cm2