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On the road or in storage, you need to keep your board safe from harm.

This simple, lightweight boardbag, made from a wear-and-tear resistant tarpaulin, forms an effective protection layer against scratches and dings.

Long zipper makes it easy to insert the board and a generous length fin slot still allows the fin to remain mounted.


Which boardbag size I should choose?

Important note: the size indication of the boardbag is based on the board that goes into the bag, not on the bag itself. The boardbag itself is bigger to accommodate the thickness of the board and we assume that you don't want to remove the footstraps after each session. If you want to be sure your board fits, check the inner width and inner length of the boardbag under ‘all specifications’ on our website. Wrap a measuring tape around the widest section of the board (over the front footstraps) and do the same along the length of the board. Divide both measurements by 2. Now you have the minimal required inner width and inner length for your boardbag. We advise choosing your boardbag to be relatively tight. Left-over bag space can be more inconvenient than you might think.

Unifiber Board Bag 3mm Economy

88,00 €Price
  • Absolute Inner Length and Inner Width Measurements:

    Inner dimensions 245x70cm fits board aproximately 235x60cm

    Inner dimensions 245x75cm fits board aproximately 235x65cm

    Inner dimensions 250x85cm fits board aproximately 240x70cm

    Inner dimensions 253x89cm fits board aproximately 245x75cm

    Actual Size 260x94cm fits board aproximately 255x80cm