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V2A – Rustproof steel and scale-resistant steel

The expression V2A has only been in use for 100 years and was the abbreviation of “Versuchsschmelze 2 Austenit” (test smelt 2 austenite). This steel grade contained 18 % chromium and 8 % nickel and is no longer produced today in this special composition.

However, this expression continues to be commonly used in everyday language. Apart from V2A, V4A is also frequently asked for. When V2A steel is requested today, in general rustproof steel is meant. The name “stainless steel” is also inadequate here, as not all stainless steels are rustproof. The German term is “Edelstahl” (usually translated as stainless steel, also premium, high-grade or special steel), where “Edel” refers to the high degree of purity of the material with regard to harmful Alloying elements such as sulphur and phosphorous.


Current V2A steels

Today these steels are called chromium-nickel steels and due to their large diversity they are precisely defined with a steel grade. To ensure that a rustproof and scale-resistant steel is obtained, the material should contain at least 13% chromium.

V2A is currently listed under the material number 1.4301. this 18/10 chromium-nickel steel is austenitic, acid-resistant and has a low carbon content. It can be easily welded with all electrical methods and is heat resistant up to 600°C. 1.4301 is especially suitable for deep-drawing, bending and rolling.

This steel is used, among other things, to produce machine parts and consumer goods for the food industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, sanitary installations (plumbing) and household goods. Here the material’s resistance to food acids, water and steam and to weakly inorganic/organic acids are beneficial. V2A is not a magnetic steel.


The mixed crystals in iron alloys are called austenite. Austenite is formed, for example, by nickel, cobalt, manganese, nitrogen or even carbon. They are alloyed as a constituent with the steel to produce rustproof steel.

Sailing Safety Snap Hook V2A (Marine Grade Steel)

  • Snap hook safety hook from Ascan V2A
    Length: 4.8 cm
    Width: 2.3 cm to 1.5 cm
    Depth: 0.5 cm
    Material: V2A