Nautix Wave is a full monoblock C-shape aluminium boom with high-stiffness and reduced diameter of tubes. This high-quality boom is especially recommended for wave sessions.
Many riders have already selected Nautix Wave boom !

Technical features (boom) :
- Monobloc boom with reduced diameter (Ø28mm) :
               - Comfort / stiffness are optimum
               - Super light
- High-quality anodized aluminium (5086) : High-stiffness and excellent resistance to corrosion
- Wave curve with large back end
Ultra-comfortable EVA FUNGRIP with optimal adhesion and high-durability
- Global integrated protection for SDM & RDM masts
- 50 cm adjustable system with pushlock system
- Easy-to-use control system for back end
- Developed and produced in France

Technical features (front end) :
- New modified polyamide front end with fixed part clamping for less play, more clamping power on the mast, and less structural deformation
- Better transmission of efforts to start planing easily
- Front end angulation to fit any templates
- Removable RDM adaptor for versatile use

Sizes : 
- 140-190 cm (2.40kg)
- 150-200 cm (2.60kg)



Rinse with fresh water after use.
Keep your boom in a place where there is no risk of shock and unnecessary exposure to the sun.
Must be only used for windsurfing activities.

Nautix NX Boom C-Shape 1.40-1.90m / 1.50-2.00m Monobloc Wave 28mm

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