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The Unifiber Impulse Wing Foil Package is a complete, ready-to-go wing foiling package suitable for newcomers and experienced recreational wingers. This set contains everything you need to get started:

  • Inflatable Impulse iFoil board – 6’0
  • Aviator Wing – 6.0m
  • Navigator Foil – 2000cm2
  • Wing 5’5” coiled waist Leash
  • Board 8’0” coiled ankle leash
  • Footstraps
  • Pump
  • Board bag

The good thing is that everything works perfectly together. A board pressure of up to 20 PSI ensures a super rigid board that similar to a hardboard. Available in 5’4 and 6’0 sizes offering something for all riders. 5’4” is suitable for light weight beginners or heavier advanced wing surfers, with the 6’0” being ideal for medium to heavy beginners. Of course, it is equipped with a carbon plate on the underside to maintain rigidity while in flight.

The new Navigator Foil with a 1600 or 2000 front wing offers good lift without making the steering too sensitive – this foil is very well-tempered and forgiving. Finally, the known Aviator Wing is a solid, elaborated and good-working wing.

Unifibre Wingsurfing Background

Unifibre is a well established premium windsurfing brand, known for their high quality products and reliability. They’ve taken their decades of experience & knowledge and applied it to wingsurfing, giving them a big head start over the rest of the market.

Their prices are very competitive because they supply directly to ourselves, rather than going through a distributor. All their products are made to order so their risk is reduced when it comes to holding stock. This means the margins they work on are smaller and we can all keep the retail price lower, which keeps everyone happy!

Impulse Board Details:

The Impulse inflatable wing boards are designed for those who are beginning their wingfoiling journey. Ample width, generous volume and inflatable construction make these boards super comfortable and easy to start, and assist with take-off.

The round shape and large scoop rocker on the nose makes for softer and safer touchdowns, very forgiving when nose diving. The board is built around a long carbon plate positioned under the footstaps area. This technology – combined with Fusion Composite Dropstitch construction – helps the Impulse to achieve a level of stiffness that is more often reserved for composite boards.  To help with rider grip the deck is covered with diamond and directional groove pads.

The Impulse wing board is supplied with Unifiber Comfort Footstraps that are bolted into the embedded inserts. The bigger 6’0 model features an insert for the mast baseplate so can also be used as a windfoiling board.

6’0” has been designed with beginners in mind. The board is 15cm thick , relatively long, 76cm wide with 176 litres of volume. This makes the board very stable when going at low speeds (before lift off).

When the user has some experience with foiling or is light (less than 70kg), they will enjoy the 5’4” size with is lower volume of 130 litres and 72cm width. The board is smaller and lighter, making it more agile and easier to pump.

The Impulse wing board has a 72cm long carbon foil plate. This makes the connection with the foil rock solid and adds stiffness to the board. The difference between the Impulse inflatable and hard boards is negligible.

The Foil mounting track system is 24cm, giving lots of adjustment for the foil position. This makes the board compatible with almost all foils.

Footstraps are supplied and come complete with M6 mountings screws.

The 6’0” has a windsurf mast insert so it can also be used for windfoiling.

Constructed with Fusion Composite Dropstich giving a super stiff, light and responsive board, similar feel to a hard board.

Fusion composite construction



  • Inflatable Wingsurf and Windfoil Board
  • Mega-Performance, up to 20 PSI pressure
  • Leash attachment
  • Comfortable deck pad
  • 72cm carbon base plate
  • Carbon 90mm 4-Bolt foil attachment Track system plate, compatible with most Foils.
  • Windsurf mast insert on 6’0” board

Aviator Wing Details:

The Aviator is an all-round wing with an exceptional wind range. Designed for riders looking for a balanced and versatile wing, the Aviator remains precise and responsive whether cruising, wave riding or hitting a big air.

An elliptical leading edge shape and an S-shaped strut provide balanced weight and power distribution. When flagged out the Aviator drifts smoothly without getting in the way. But even when completely depowered, the wing maintains its responsiveness, switching from drift to acceleration as the rider demands.

The Aviator’s handles are ergonomically shaped and positioned for efficient power delivery. This reduces fatigue on the forearms and allows for longer sessions. The aspect ratio of the Aviator varies through the size range so that the wing handles the same in all conditions.


  • A-grade Dimension Polyant Dacron Leading edge and strut – Best weight to strength ratio
  • Kevlar® reinforcements and scuff pads preserve wing durability
  • Pre-shaped ergonomic handles reduce stress to the forearms
  • Custom made polyester spinnaker canopy material – Low stretch and tear resistance – High UV resistance
  • TPU Bladder material from Japan – low weight and high durability
  • Dyneema® loops for harness lines and leash
  • Supplied with a neat wing carry bag for safe transportation
  • Supplied with a 5-foot coiled waist leash

Navigator Foil Details:

Designed to lift-off early and with as little wind as possible, the Navigator is a perfect hydrofoil for beginner and intermediate riders. The foil is mounted on a 75 cm aluminium mast to help with control and reduce the severity of any wipe-outs. Carbon layup for both the front wing and tail stabiliser keeps the flex and weight to a minimum. Foil components are assembled with 8 mm countersunk hex-head stainless screws that are resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. The Navigator comes equipped with a plate mount as Standard.


  • Front wing provides early lift at low speed
  • Carbon layup for minimum weight and flex – Front wing and Stabiliser
  • Stainless 8mm countersunk hex-head screws
  • Supplied with a screwdriver and a padded foil bag for safe transportation

Complete Wing Foil Package - 6'0 Board, 6.0m2 Wing , 2000cm2 Foil

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