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The Unifiber Impulse Wing Foil Package is a complete, ready-to-go wing foiling package suitable for newcomers and experienced recreational wingers. This set contains everything you need to get started:

  • Inflatable Impulse iFoil board – 6’0
  • Aviator Wing – 6.0m
  • Navigator Foil – 2000cm2
  • Wing 5’5” coiled waist Leash
  • Board 8’0” coiled ankle leash
  • Footstraps
  • Pump
  • Board bag

The good thing is that everything works perfectly together. A board pressure of up to 20 PSI ensures a super rigid board that similar to a hardboard. Available in 5’4 and 6’0 sizes offering something for all riders. 5’4” is suitable for light weight beginners or heavier advanced wing surfers, with the 6’0” being ideal for medium to heavy beginners. Of course, it is equipped with a carbon plate on the underside to maintain rigidity while in flight.

The new Navigator Foil with a 1600 or 2000 front wing offers good lift without making the steering too sensitive – this foil is very well-tempered and forgiving. Finally, the known Aviator Wing is a solid, elaborated and good-working wing.

Unifibre Wingsurfing Background

Unifibre is a well established premium windsurfing brand, known for their high quality products and reliability. They’ve taken their decades of experience & knowledge and applied it to wingsurfing, giving them a big head start over the rest of the market.

Their prices are very competitive because they supply directly to ourselves, rather than going through a distributor. All their products are made to order so their risk is reduced when it com