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Ideal for

Medium to heavier beginners
Learning to windsurf with ease for any size rider
Schools and rental operations
One board for the entire family to learn with



An ultra-durable, super-stable board for learning to windsurf with ease.


The Beach 160D is suited for the light to medium-weight riders to learn and progress on. Stable and easy to ride, its short shape makes it simple to carve and jibe, even in light winds. It is a board that gets fast up to planing, and thanks to its short length is a great funboard in moderate wind. An ideal board to learn funboard.

Beach range boards are the perfect solution for sailing schools looking for tough, strong, up-to-date yet easy-riding equipment. They’re manufactured using our ultra-durable TOUGH-TEC construction technology, featuring an outer polyethylene shell thermoformed over a waterproof polystyrene core. Beach Series boards are supremely stable for beginners, and easy for learning your first serious moves. The deck is covered with comfortable EVA anti-slip grip foam. TAHE Beach series boards come with a tough retractable daggerboard and carry handles.

Complete School Windsurf Tahe Board 160L & Nautix Dacron Rig 4.0m2

1.380,00 € Regular Price
1.080,00 €Sale Price

    • Code106843

    • ModelBeach

    • Length9'9" / 297 cm

    • Width36.25" / 92 cm

    • Volume225 L

    • Finbox Configuration Set UpDeep Tuttle

    • Supplied fin(s)Beach WA 30

    • DaggerboardYes

    • Foil ReinforcementNo

    • MasttrackUS Box 17 cm

    • Ideal Sail Size2.5 < 6.0 m2

    • Footstraps4 positions : Standard 3x position inserts. 1x central rear strap.

    • Pads3/4 deck pad with 3 pieces, 4.5 mm thickness, embossed surface

    • Product TypeRigid - Thermoformed

    • TechnologyTOUGH-TEC

    • Country of manufactureFrance



  • Specially designed for Windsurf centres and clubs, very durable, especially because of its specific reinforcements. You will enjoy this range from your first ride to your first planning and over !


    Riders 55-65 kg

    Sail 4.0m²
    Wishbone aluminium Nx Kids D26mm

    Mast Alu 3.85m (3 parties)

    Cup, Uphaul and ropes