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The sail has been designed on a fixed mast and boom length, so when you get to the beach all you have to do is thread the mast up the sail, pull the downhaul to the base of the mast, the outhaul to the clew of the boom, and then go sailing! It’s made from tough Dacron, is well reinforced and super hard wearing, great for intensive use. 

The new NOVA 6.0 SUP WIND rig package is ideally suited for flatwater cruising on the SUP Wind boards. The brand new 6 m2 sail for the Nova SUP Wind is ideal for max-ing your fun on flat water in light to moderate winds.


NOVA Sail 4,0m2#100335
NOVA Sail 4,5m2#100336
NOVA Sail 5,0m2#100337
NOVA Sail 5,5m2#100338
NOVA 6,0m2#100339

Bic Nova Windsurf Sail Dacron/Mylar PVC Panel

350,00 € Regular Price
290,00 €Sale Price