• This inflatable board is dedicated to windsurfing. The large volume and extreme durability make it the ideal board for beginners. The large centre fin and sharp PVC rails keep sideways drift to a minimum, even in stronger winds; and with the centre fin removed the board is suitable for your first full-planing experiences! The large EVA diamond groove pad gives good grip in all positions and for all manoeuvres. All our inflatable boards are constructed with prelaminated dropstitch. This means that our boards are now lighter, stiffer and stronger than ever! Important: always use a Baseplate Cardan (U-Pin) to connect a windsurf rig.


Includes: Sail Monofilm, Mast Epx SDM, Boom Alu T8, Uphaul, Extension, Ropes.


  • Light
  • Convienant gearbag that holds all equipment
  • All in one packag
  • Easy to transport
  • Fast and easy to rig

Unifiber Experience iWindsurf Complete Windsurf 275L Inflatable / Monofilm Rig

€1,323.00 Regular Price
€1,093.00Sale Price
  • Very compact to travel with and store at home

    Perfect compact learning board to discover windsurfing

    Compact and manoeuvrable shape

    Prelaminated dropstitch

    Comfortable Diamond Groove Footpad

    Almost indestructable, compared to normal windsurfing boards

    Minimal drifting due to large centre fin and sharp PVC rails


    Limited planing capabilities

    No possibility for footstraps

    Not suitable for SUP due to reduced board length

    Do not use excessive force to roll up your board. And do not put any weight onto the rolled-up board in storage. This might damage the board.