According to the class rules, two types of rig are authorised for competition: the One Design rigs
that are already in use in clubs, and the new Techno Wind Foil rigs.
To begin with, it will be the One Design rig that will mainly be
used to launch the class. This will allow clubs to concentrate
their investment on the boards and foils.

The three One Design rigs, 5.8, 6.8, and 7.8 will therefore
be the first engines of the new TWF 130 class. They each
have 2 cambers, a semi-wide mast sleeve and race profile,
and testing showed they have great performance and
efficiency sailing with the foil.

We have also developed a set of dedicated Slalom-Foil
rigs, the Techno Wind Foil series, that will be made
available later on for racing in this class.
- They’ve been designed to be compatible with
the existing Techno 293OD masts, wishbones and
extensions. This means the only equipment cost to
clubs and individuals will be the sails themselves.
- Their more streamlined outline and bigger volume
low down are fully adapted to the requirements of
foil sailing.
- They quickly develop power to help take off in lighter
winds and deliver excellent forward speed in flight.
- 3 sizes will be available, between 5.8 and 7.8 m2

Techno Wind Foil Class Sail 6.3m2

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