The Classic Snowboard represents Palmer s signature quality: an attention to detail that remains unrivaled. This killer ride boasts the original high-end Palmer cap-sidewall construction plus high-end prepegs that will go head-to-head with any board on the market. Combining a tip-to-tail beech/ poplar woodcore with a fast and easy to fix Isospeed 4400 base, the Classic creates confidence and control for the whole mountain. The Classic has the proven Palmer technology package for the rider who wants to step out of the mainstream myth.


Cap Sidewall Construction

Beech/ Poplar woodcore

NCF Prepeg

Tri-Radial Sidecut

Stoneground Inlaid 4400 Isospeed Base

Wood Core

Shaun Palmer 'Classic' 161 Freeride Snowboard Deck

€350.00 Regular Price
€150.00Sale Price