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Raceboard competition most closely reflects classic racing: upwind starts, mark roundings, tactics based on wind shifts, and - as always - a premium on speed.

My roots run deep in the raceboard class, and our raceboard team could not be stronger. Both Joao Rodriguez and Curro Manchon are clear about what is needed to win. Joao is the current World and European Raceboard champion and it is the joint development of the Loftsails Raceboardblade design that has delivered such results. The LW (light wind) is specific for low wind competition, while the Raceboardblade is superbly effective when the winds rise above 12 knots.



Loftsails Raceboardblade 9.5m2 Orange 2020

€935.00 Regular Price
€560.00Sale Price

    Blade mast pocket construction features mast panel and mast pocket sides (3 layers) tensioned directly (all 3 layers under tack pulley webbings) – therefore downhaul tension is equalized between the mast panel and the mast pocket resulting in the Raceboard Blade’s firm, clean, easy-rotating leading edge

    4 mil Dimension Polyant monofilm body panels – proven superior performance

    Tubed battens with varying carbon content

    Metallic cam interfaces – MCIs eliminate contact point degradation

    Exposed tack (no mast pad) and boomhole, facilitating adjustable downhaul assemblies

    Xply batten pockets that alternate sail sides... using similar material for the batten pocket as the body material minimizes the asymmetric character of applied batten pockets. Pockets made with laminates allow the batten to be centered. These features combine to maintain rotation symmetry. In contrast, same-side dacron pockets promote asymmetrical rotation

    Trim diamond - leech-release reference: dial into your sailing conditions

    Durable IYU250 4-part mast pocket – the perfect material between your mast and the elements

    New tack strap with eyelet - strap tension independent from downhaul tension