The Purelip design provides pure wave performance and enormous wind range.

Born in 1999 as the Lipwave - and now with over 20 years of refinement - the present-day Purelip delivers balance, stability, and ease of use. Built for challenging conditions the Purelip is most suited to big hardcore surf, bump and jump blasting, onshore and sideshore waves.

Magazine test reports confirm we hit our design targets: upper-end stability, on-the-wave neutrality, speed, extreme trim reactivity, durability.

New 2021 luff curves, new 2021 vertical shapes and new 2021 leech outline all combine to improve Purelip performance.

Loftsails Windsurf Sail Purelip 2021 Fuchsia

€645.00 Regular Price
€495.00Sale Price
  • Light and tough: Integrated Panel Concept, 3-layer head/tack/clew radials extend into the all X-Ply body – ultimate resistance in demanding conditions

    Super durable full IYU250 4-part mast pocket – the perfect material between your mast and the elements

    Double dacron head panels – easy roll-up, durability, longevity

    Triple reinforced foot, leech and luff construction for maximised longevity of your rig

    Sizes 3.7 and up feature 5 battens, 3.4 and smaller feature 4 battens

    Loftsails full-opening mast pad design - easy access to your mast extension, downhaul system and batten trim key

    High visibility window: see the lip from your bottom turn

    Forward-profile batten systems with Loftsails exclusive Standing Battens at specific locations – responsive, low-end drive with easy upper end handling

    Dual clew eyelets with webbings – adjust leech release character to suit your sailing style and conditions

    Trim: leech-release reference logo to dial in trim

    RDM recommended, SDM compatible – both mast types fully compatible to maximise your windsurfing

  • 7-10 days delivery