Featuring multiple panelling for maximum ergonomics conforming to body movements and areas requiring full flexibility; key areas being shoulders, upper side and arm panels, knees, lower leg and calf panels and front thoracic, hip and thigh regions. Each panel is Glued then Blind Stitched (GBS) a process whereby panels are cut, glued, then stitched in such a way so as the needle does not fully penetrate through the neoprene. Ideal for Windsurfing, SUP, Surfing, Dinghy Sailing and a variety of water sports. 

Mistral Men Wetsuit Full Suit 3/2mm

Color: Black/Blue
    • Multiple flex panels
    • Batwing panelling for arms and shoulders
    • 2mm arm and shoulder panels
    • 3mm on key body core areas and legs
    • Ideal summer and early autumn suit
    • Multi water sport uses
    • Classic Mistral logo placement