Tahitian teardrop blade as it was first presented back in the mid-1970's, has become one of the most universally used forms. The shape was borrowed from the Tahitians, by world wide paddle makers & shapers for outrigger canoeing communities. A very forgiving shape, easy to acheive high stroke rates, ease of "feathering" during the recovery phase of the stroke. The medium flex shaft is less stressful on the joints.

The Keanu is available in a two piece adjustable and a one piece


  • The two piece adjustable. Min height 71"(180cm) - max height 91.5"(233cm) Anti Twist 
  • Clamp system - is a double flat head screw


  • 7.75"x 18.25" blade 
  • low aspect
  • Marginally higher spline to split water evenly
  • Marginal blade concave
  • Palm grip
  • Medium shaft flex
  • Blade shaft - inner sliding part has incremental measurments in cm and inches
  • Round shaft

Mistral Keanu Paddle Full Carbon 7.75" X 18.25" 2pcs

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€240.00Sale Price