The Racingblade is a dedicated slalom racing design developed with attention to blistering acceleration and top speed.Based on the 2020 designs that Maëlle Guilbaud used to finish second in the PWA 2019 season, Racingblades have continued their development into 2021.The luff curve and vertical shape has been redistributed to give greater forward-oriented drive. This has been further enhanced by new batten profiles.The exhaust has been fine-tuned by softening the lower leech.These changes combine to give the Racingblade 2021 a noticeably lighter feel, improved acceleration, and a more accessible top speed..

Loftsails Windsurf Sail Racingblade 2021 Green

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  • Blade mast pocket construction features mast panel and 2 mil triax X-Ply mast pocket sides (3 layers) tensioned directly (all 3 layers under tack pulley webbings) – downhaul tension is equalized between the mast panel and the mast pocket resulting in the Racingblade’s firm, clean, easy-rotating leading edge

    Internal vertical and horizontal Kevlar strip applications at cams – defines profile and augments stability

    Tubed battens with varying carbon content. Top 3 specialized 100% carbon tubes – carbon tubes are lightweight and deliver superior stability at the upper end

    Unique SDM and RDM mast compatibility. Tekcam2 Large (installed) and Reduced (in sail bag) included with size 8.4 and smaller

    Metallic cam interfaces – MCIs eliminate contact point degradation characteristic of cam designs without MCIs

    X-ply batten pockets that alternate sail sides - using similar material for the batten pocket as the body material minimizes the asymmetric character of applied batten pockets. Pockets made with laminates allow the batten to be centered. These features combine to maintain rotation symmetry. In contrast, same-side dacron pockets promote asymmetrical rotation

    Streamlined neoprene boom cutout with dual zippers – limits water entry into the mast sleeve, keeping the rig light for fast recoveries

    Tekcam2 camber inducer design – easy rotation and gentle to your mast

    Durable IYU250 4-part mast pocket – the perfect material between your mast and the elements

    4 mil Dimension Polyant laminated monofilm upper body panels – proven superior performance

    Trim: leech-release reference logo to dial in trim