Raceboard competition most closely reflects classic racing: upwind starts, mark roundings, tactics based on wind shifts, and - as always - a premium on speed.
The Raceboard class is a classic in windsurfing competition.Raceboard regattas typically have tight starts, exciting mark roundings, tactics based on continuous wind changes, and - as always - speed is rewarded. Raceboards are also ideal to learn windsurfing and to develop long-distance techniques and recreational windsurfing skills. Launching can be from the beach, or from a marina. Elevated board buoyancy and light rigs make raceboarding extremely versatile. Lakes, open sea, rivers — all locations are valid for the Raceboard class.The team that created Loftsails Raceboardblades is compact and diverse! - Joao Rodrigues, the only sailor who has gone to all the Olympic games celebrated in the History of Windsurfing and current World and European Masters Champion. - Curro Manchón, Spanish coach of the Olympic medalist in London 2012, and on raceboard podiums in more than 10 World and European championships. - Current Lightweight World runner-up Patrick Pollak with his technical eminence in the world of windsurfing, with many Olympic games and international podiums backing him up. - Finally, Monty Spindler, Master and Commander of the project, designer, and competitor in Raceboard.The new Raceboard Blade LW (Light Wind) II is a winning tool, specialized for light winds, but also remaining effective when winds exceed 12 knots. The Raceboardblade is light: 4.65kg. Its power and ease of maneuverability make it delicious in the hands. An ideal tool for raceboard fun and competition.



Loftsails Raceboardblade 9.5 LW Orange 2021

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    Raceboardblade 7.5 LW II Orange 2021 7.5 m2 475 cm 220 cm Fixed 15 cm 3 5 Team Edition SDM 460 4.31 kg
    Raceboardblade 8.5 LW II Orange 2021 8.5 m2 510 cm 232 cm Fixed 15 cm 3 5 Team Edition SDM 490 4.4 kg
    Raceboardblade 9.5 LW II Orange 2021 9.5 m2 548 cm 244 cm Fixed 28 cm 3 5 Team Edition SDM 550/530 4.6 kg