As a one-design mast, durability, flex and stiffness consistency is the priority.

With this in mind, from day one, we decided on an 80% carbon content and a stable and trusted supplier. The Regatta range of sails have been designed to fit the selected mast and at Glide headquarters we bend test all masts to ensure One Design compliance.
All masts have a unique index print system that allows users to index mark on the circumference to ensure consistent rigging setup for every condition.
Base and section join markings ensure consistent orientation every time while the boom attachment area marking allows for downhaul setting reference as well as boom height and downhaul system positioning.
 The white strips are also a good place to write a code or name. The wrap finish grooves are oriented to prevent the boom & down haul rope from slipping down the mast & the serial numbers are easy to read.
The 490 IMCS 29 STD diameter masts fits the Regatta 7.8 and 8.5 sails.
The 400 IMCS 19 skinny mast fits the Regatta 5.9sail and larger beginner sails. It is also a great mast for wave and free ride sails.

Glide Race C80 490cm Windsurf Mast

€390.00 Regular Price
€350.00Sale Price