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The Finboard Elva X3 is an innovative, ergonomically designed body board you can swim with fins as long as you like without getting tired. Suitable for all skill levels, it’s perfect for fitness, for fun, and for simply flippering around on the water. It’s got great glide and will give many of your muscles (back, abs, legs, pelvis…) an excellent but sensible workout. You can spend time on the water, chatting to friends and admiring the scenery. It makes getting in shape a total pleasure !

The secret of the Finboard X3 Elva’s success is its ergonomic deck and the seriously studied design of the hull.

On top : total comfort, with the rider lying face down on the EVA foam-padded rounded central section. The rider’s arms fit neatly into the EVA foam-padded concave lateral sections, and the chin rest avoids any neck ache when flippering long or hard. It’s comfortable and allows you to ride for extended periods without getting tired.

Underneath : the multi-channeled concave hull gives excellent buoyancy and glide, with a mini-keel helping you drive easily through small waves. You can go further, faster, without forcing.

It comes with an integral carry-handle and elasticated nets on the front section for carrying small items of equipment (water bottle, watertight bag…)

The Finboard X3 is also light weight and its size means it will easily fit in the boot of your car.

4.0"2.0"10 lbs78 LTOUGH-TEC
3.6"1.8'8.5 lbs57 LTOUGH-TEC


Elvasport Bodyboard Finboard X3 Blue

€250.00 Regular Price
€158.00Sale Price