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The RODEO is a freestyle sail that is perfect for old-school maneuvers. Due to the large Dacron surfaces, the sail builds up an enormous pressure point, but never becomes as bulky as the "team".

At the clew and in the lower area it is reinforced with the help of X-Ply and is therefore very robust and resistant. In the upper section we have used monofilm, so the sail remains very light and lets you plan out quickly.

(Only the sail is included in the scope of delivery, mast and boom must be purchased separately)



Size: 4.0 m2 - rdm mast: 370 cm - boom: 150 cm

F2 Windsurf Monofilm/Xply Sail (RDM) Rodeo 4.0m2 (Only Sail)

580,00 € Regular Price
380,00 €Sale Price