• Very compact to travel with and store at home
  • Double Layer Technology for durability and added stiffness
  • Intgerated Deck Net to store and attach (waterproof) items you want to take with you
  • Comfortable Diamond Groove Footpad
  • Windsurf & Sup useability
  • Including wheeled backpack, double action pump, repair kit and usermanual


Is the wind spoiling your SUP-experience? Turn your iSUP into a windsurfer and you can use the wind to your advantage! The Evolution 10'7" had been designed to easily change between paddling and windsurfing. The center fin minimizes drifting while windsurfing. Dismount the center fin when paddling for extra maneuverability.

Important: when you using this board for windsurfing always use a Baseplate Cardan (U-Pin) to connect a windsurf rig.

Allround Evolution iWindSup 10'7" Inflatable

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